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Past comments by Ragndmn
What does Alex need to stop being considered a joke in Street Fighter 5 Season 4?
He would have a good 50/50 game if he had tools from SFIII. Standing HP (overhead) must be blocked high. Standing MK (knee) to ex Flash Chop would also be a great addition. Too bad it's not going to happen.

Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection is now available
Is it just me, or is the sound muffled on this latest iteration? the PS3 version has a more crisp and better sounding game and sfx.

Poll results: Which of Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection's 12 Street Fighter games are you most looking forward to playing?
I'll see you online, Koshinomi. Haven't played much with Alex on 3S on PS3, looking forward to fights online.

Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection training and versus modes officially revealed
Third Strike is coming! I may have to set aside SFV for a while once 3S drops.

Today is Chun-Li's 50th (canonical) birthday; let's celebrate by taking a look at her influence outside of the games
New Chun Li costume incoming.

French soccer fans raise a giant banner of Goku and Dragon Balls, and it is pretty awesome
those are some pretty big balls.

Blanka's Story Mode costume in Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition is goofy, awesome, and getting a lot of attention
when is Capcom going to release the Blanka plushie? Would like to get a couple of them. lol.

Blanka Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition live showcase on Capcom Unity at 3 p.m. PST
looks like he's fun to play. will someone give Blanka a paper bag? looks like he's hyperventilating.

Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection announced for May 2018
This is great news! For some of the 3S haters, this is the game for you to try. Deep mechanics and crazy comebacks. I love all the SF games, but this is the game I fell in love with. Getting this on day one. Capcom, you just made my day.

Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition live stream
a 50/50 for Alex would be good. His standing HP from 3S was insane. Either block high to avoid the standing HP or have your opponent think twice about a sweeping HK. wishful thinking, I guess.