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Past comments by Ragingkarma
Eyedol revealed for Killer Instinct
So they added, a character that the original creators hated, into the new KI. K.

Sagat gets double teamed by two Chun-Lis, Blanka is more soccer ball than beast - check out this wild clip from Future Cops
I didnt know Blanka was played my maximilian dood.

Mortal Kombat 11 falls in dead last - check out Ed Boon's MKXL poll results
They bought the definitive edition. If they bring out another KP then it is no longer definitive. This would suck for the people who thought they bought the whole game.

Mortal Kombat 11 falls in dead last - check out Ed Boon's MKXL poll results
If they make kombat pack 3 people who bought XL will be ripped off.

Street Fighter 5 servers to be down for 10 hours in preparation for latest patch update
Or the fact that it is a massive update and the fact that they want to make sure the patch is implemented right on the severs so there are no bugs with the update. I mean thats nice right or would you rather have a rushed out buggy mess that everyone would hate. I mean its obvious but I guess not to everyone.

Street Fighter 5 Guile trailer released
That full anime mode though.

Guile joins Street Fighter 5 later this month, classic Air Force Base stage also on its way
Guile is going to come in and realize that Ken took his advice a bit too literally.

Arturo Sanchez is Street Fighter 5's first Diamond ranked player, check out the awesome titles that come with it
Im glad Sabin made it to diamond but he needs to find a way to be just as successful in Tourney's.

What if Street Fighter characters became chickens and fought each other? No one would make that into a hilarious video... right?
This is not the game we need This is the game we deserve.

Street Fighter 5's input lag is more than four times that of Skullgirls or Mortal Kombat X; this research video from Battle(non)sense is eye opening
Not gonna lie if the SFV is that bad with latency then I have never felt it in any of my games.