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Ultra Street Fighter 4
Street Fighter X Tekken
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Bandai Namco reveals how the Dragon Balls mechanic works in Dragon Ball FighterZ
Meanwhile, do you guys remember Rising Thunder? That awesome robot fighting game? I do remember. They're launching it for free on January. F*ck yeah.

Guile is hot-blooded, likes American coffee, and fights for peace - check out his Street Fighter 5 bio, stats, and attributes here
Nationality: American. Because f*ck everything, i'm not from a country, i'm from the whole american contintent.

Luffy thinks R. Mika is bottom tier, but other top French players disagree; see France's Street Fighter 5 tier lists here
Not mean to be rude but... Why is he trying to be a hero? There's no point in that. Mika is a good char in this game, and she shines in corner mixup game, though she hasn't got any reversal options... Maybe mid-high tier IMHO. There's no point in Luffy saying she's bottom tier. Also, it's funny to see Laura in the same tier than Cammy. Just LMAO

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