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Ultra Street Fighter 4
Dee Jay
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USF4 with characters: [u'Guile', u'Guy']
Clearly 7-3, maybe even 7.5-2.5 Guy's favor. You can't reversal his elbow drops it stuffs EVERYTHING. It stuffs flash kicks (well, you can delay ex flash, but it still sucks), Guy (if timed properly) can even stuff Level 3 focus with that. It's difficult to low profile anti-air him as well, due to his weird jump arc, and then we got Guy's speed and mixup heavy bulls**t. Guile can't do much, but Guy can safe ...

USF4 with characters: [u'Guile', u'Hakan']
Are you serious? This is clearly 7-3 (6.5-3.5 at best) Hakan favor. Those votes...)) y'all probably haven't faced real good Hakans.

Dee Jay's Frame Data Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition
close light punch is +1 on block and +4 on hit (not +2/+5) close medium kick is +2 on block crouch medium kick is -6 on block ... apparently framedata is old and needs revision.

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