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Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition
Tekken 7
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Jin and Akuma were the most frequent picks in the Tekken World Tour Last Chance Qualifier top 64
0 Asuka, people need to stop saying she's good. She has like no tournament results.

Esports Festival Hong Kong premier event removed from Capcom Pro Tour 2019
I think maybe what he's trying to say is that the rioting and police violence are mostly in a few areas throughout the city, avoid it and you'll be safe for the most part. I don't know what Daytona is like though, so I'll shut up now.

EVO production team receiving backlash after finals joke teases fans into thinking Solid Snake might be joining Tekken 7
If Konami thought it was Bandai Namco doing it, you realize some real big issues could happen. They might never consider a business partnership, Konami might sue Bamco. The use of someone's voice to promote your own product without consent meant the voice actor could have sued too, etc. This was more than a small joke. If they DID sue Bamco, Bamco would then sue whoever did that little prank, and it could have effects ...

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