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New Super Street Fighter 4 characters revealed in September, more alts
@26 Isn't the 360 Arcade like $149 right now? And considering Super is only $40 at the most, you should be able to get SSFIV with a great player base for less than $200 if you order online from out of state... I nearly spent that much on my EX-SA... If you have a decent 360 stick that you bought to use for SFIV on your PC, you don't even need to worry about an ...

New challengers coming for Super Street Fighter 4?
I'll likely be heading to Hey on Sunday, with the temptation to skip work Friday...but I think I'll do the smart thing and work Friday. Even though it'd be cooler to see it with my own eyes, I probably won't bother to head down there on Sunday unless there's something new to see, which I'm sure we'll have heard about by then.

New challengers coming for Super Street Fighter 4?
Hugo and/or Urien, please. I'd also be happy to see Alex, but either of those first two would be fantastic.

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