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Past comments by Omegamarth
Getting Banjo-Kazooie into Super Smash Bros. Ultimate was easier than you might think

SF5 with characters: [u'Guile', u'M. Bison']
This matchup isn't difficult for Bison anymore lmao. Boy have things changed. Bison still has ALL of the tools that factsneverlie mentioned, but now Guile has even worse tools to deal with Bison's pressure. Blatantly in Bison's favor, just like just about every matchup Bison has, lmao.

SF5 with characters: [u'Balrog', u'Guile']
Was already strongly in Balrog's favor in season 3. Season 4 saw nerfs to everything Guile uses in this matchup. Long story short, this is like a 7-3 in Balrog's favor.

Who are the best 'lame' characters in Street Fighter 5? Justin Wong fills out this unique tier chart from his patient perspective
I think it's hilarious how Sagat is supposed to be played lame, but he's towards the bottom of this list, because reasons. Thanks Capcom.

SF5 with characters: [u'Falke', u'Sagat']
Wow, this matchup sure changed quickly. Falke's buffs turn what was once heavily in Sagat's favor upside down. Sagat can't outzone or poke Falke. His offense game is too poor to crack her defense. This is a really uphill matchup to say the least.

SF5 with characters: [u'F.A.N.G', u'Sagat']
Anyone who thinks this matchup is even hasn't played it enough, which is understandable, because nobody plays these characters. FANG has this for free. Sagat has no way to really keep FANG out, and no options against his offense. Sagat just flails around, hoping he can land a random DP or crush counter F+HK, but otherwise, FANG neutralizes everything Sagat wants to do, and makes this a very one sided matchup.

SF5 with characters: [u'Guile', u'Sagat']
100%. I play both characters. This is actually one of Guile's best matchups, since the only thing Sagat has in this matchup is damage output. Sagat's normals are a bit better this season, and the matchup isn't as bad as it used to be on paper, but Guile still eats Sagat for free. Not even close.

Soul Calibur 6's most popular and successful characters at the game's first post-launch major tournament
Just picked up Groh as a side character today. Might be the best character in the game IMO. Just insane what this guy can do to you.

Poll results: What adjustments to the game's mechanics would you most like to see for Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition Season 4?
1. Buff hitboxes on most normals. 2. Animations need to be tweaked so moves look like they're plus or minus on block, so that it's easier for players to recognize when they're supposed to hit buttons 3. Make it so anti-air HP/HK normals crush counter more consistently. At the moment, there's not enough reward for landing an anti-air. 4. Make V-Reversal cost super meter instead. As is, V-Trigger is too valuable to spend on V-Reversals. ...

Poll results: Which characters are the most in need of buffs and nerfs for Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition Season 4?
More people thought CAMMY deserved buffs than mid tier characters like Kolin and Necalli. 26 people voted to buff Cammy. What are you guys on, and where do I find some?