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Capcom is starting to re-balance Street Fighter 5 more and more often, is this the approach fans have been waiting for?
If they could actually properly balance, they wouldn't have to constantly try to balance it. It's their own fault.

Welp... you can hit Falke's staff in Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition
Vega's claw is covered with a hurtbox in most normals

Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition Season 3.5 changes and tech roundup
Vega is the new, unmatched worst character now. There is absolutely no competition there. Most character loyalist are switching.

Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition Season 3.5 balance patch reactions from notable FGC members
It's like the balance team for this game have never actually... played the game?

Unlisted Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition balance changes reportedly discovered
He is the worst character in the game now. As if all those nerfs were not enough, they also broke his main special

Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition now available
Vega confirmed the worst char in the game now

Season 3 balance changes for Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition
Does Capcom think Vega is top tier or something?

Infiltration, Luffy, Alex Valle, Capcom Cup champion MenaRD and other prominent FGC figures offer their thoughts on recent Street Fighter patch notes
With no real buff given and his lk roll nerf, Capcom is about to remove Vega from the game

Nash simply cannot V-Reversal Mika, Alex dives out of harm's way, and some wacky Raging Demon set ups: Street Fighter 5 WTF/Lol Moments vol. 2
Do people wank to video game characters? What is that video's thumbnail? Horrible.

Street Fighter 5 Season 3 change list coming in January, according to Japanese Capcom blog
Just let Vega cancel into specials from his CH and let ex.fba hit crouchers