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Roundup: Gouken animation, Planet Zero SBO results, HD cosplay
#34 Here and in a lot of other forums. It's fine by me though because having s*** like them makes people, who aren't like them, look a lot better. They are the ugly props that make some of the other stuff on the stage a lot better looking just because you have something to contrast them to.

Marvel vs. Capcom 3: 'Assist Me' featuring X-23 trailer
#78 Which proves me right (^_^). You made a mistake by asking me to tell you your future. It's a land mine especially if you're trying to mess around. You unintentionally gave me an advantage when you asked me to tell your future. You became predictable. Right now, you are desperately trying to defend yourself. You couldn't find a way to defend your first argument and you are throwing random accusations everywhere just to keep ...

Marvel vs. Capcom 3: 'Assist Me' featuring X-23 trailer
#74 I see what you are now (^_^). Take my advice, read Rocwing's comments and see how he avoids s***ting on himself. It's a good start. I'll tell you your future right now (^_^). You'll continue to s*** on yourself by posting more bad comments to the people here and to me and you will continue to defend your false pride right after my comment, hehehe. Predictable, aren't you? Come on. Comment one more time ...

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