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Past comments by Ninpuncho
The worst gameplay mechanics in fighting games
Wrong , the reversal edge is an excellent mechanics , who allow parry severals hits give something beautiful and impressive during the battle . The reversal give a lot of possibilities oF mix ups and big damage ( first version) . The reversal isn't random , it is random for you because you have not the sense of the duel . For the higher players , we don't care about them . The reversal is ...

The internet has fallen in love with Street Fighter 6's Manon, and we've got the gorgeous fan art to prove it
Manon is ugly like others french girls.

Umbral Core's Kickstarter campaign is now live melding stylish gothic fantasy and horror with an action-packed fighting game
Not good , too dark , no sense of beauty.

Guilty Gear Strive showcases incoming balance and mechanics changes in new special clips
This version of Guilty Gear is very bad . Just Bring back at least all mechanics of Guilty gear Xrd and older versions of the game.

Rumor: Possible DLC character for Street Fighter 6 could be hidden in the background of latest trailer
We hope you are right

Rumor: Possible DLC character for Street Fighter 6 could be hidden in the background of latest trailer
The most interesting messages are hidden messages. you are right .

Street Fighter 6's latest character reveals trailer may have shown a brand new counter to Drive Impact
exactly. the video shows that JP is different than Bison. Jp fights like falke. Falke controls his opponents but Capcom give a small system with middle kick for mix ups for her but it i was weak. With Jp , Capcom develops this ability of mix for Jp . Yes Jp controls like Falke but can create more offensive mix ups. Jp is a buffed falke. Bison is different because he create pressure durectly with ...

Project L update provides in-game look at Illaoi, gameplay footage, and breakdown of core mechanics
Sorry but i buy only Games created by the best and the best is Japan. Your game is already bad because your characters cannot never have charisma because you are no culture , no past and a very bad paradigm.

These AI-generated Street Fighter characters are gorgeous... just don't look TOO closely
probaly the design for a street fighter 10 . But there are 2 errors for one character . The name of Bison isn't Bison but VEGA . And Vega is a thai exactly like Sagat not a european.

Capcom Cup 9 to take place from February 12 to February 19, 2023
luke should be banished from this game. Luke is extremely abusing with a sort of long punch special. Capcom says that Luke is the future of this game. Very well , but a future without my money.