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Daigo reveals who he thinks will be in Season 4 of Street Fighter 5
I really respect the career of Daigo .He will stay a great player . But NO EVIL RYU . there are only enough shotos . Daigo should take AKUMA like Tokido. Or the best solution is to give Ryu a new V- trigger where Ryu can transform during a short time in Evil Ryu but NOT a complete EVIL RYU.

Is Falke in danger of being the 'dud' of Street Fighter 5's Season 3 DLC roster?
The problem is not FALKE but your STUPID COMMUNITY OF PLAYERS WHO REFUSE ALL DEFENSIVE CHARACTERS. You are a band of COWARDS , YOU WANT BLOCK these characters in order to continue to do your small combos . In a real balanced game , HALF OF THE CAST should be EFFECTIVE DEFENSIVE CHARACTERS like MENAT and guile. ZEKU , FALKE ,VEGA ,FANG , DHALSIM and OTHERS SHOULD BE THERE IN ORDER TO STOP YOUR COMBOS ...

Five characters we want to see return in Soul Calibur 6
Cervantes is an extremely abusing character with easy techniques , he can fly ,shoot her opponent and he hurts even if you fail your attack. His place is in a garbage. Necrid or inferno would be better.

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