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Past comments by Mjaden44
Blizzard vice president is still very interested in getting Overwatch's Tracer into Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
F that blizzard doesn't deserve it

Here are the changes that the Capcom Pro Tour is implementing this year
I still don't like the champ gets a auto spot guarantee. I understand why this was done, but last year's champ in a pro sport does not get an auto bid to the playoffs, they earn it by playing to get to the playoff

Should Super Smash Bros. 4 events ban Bayonetta? The prospect is being highly discussed in the Smash community right now
Three things 1. You know what you see in those top 8 frequently as well, Cloud yet he is ok even though it's very frequent in top 8 2. You either play to the next patch or learn to deal with the current situation which brings me to point 3 3. If a character is designed to be that damn good it just happens and not much you can do about it

Necalli becomes a different character when V-Trigger is activated, with links that do not work in his normal state and his V-Trigger last until someone is KO for the round. IMO, standing HK is his best counter tool, it has good range and can be v-cancelled for a follow up. Lastly his ground pound is a bad zoning tool, it might catch your opponent off guard every now and then but it is best used ...

MLG feels fighting game community rejected them because they're too big and commercial
I'm giving one comment that solves this issue "ICP" read the story and you will see what I mean

Nemo, IFC Yipes, Justin Wong, KaneBlueRiver and more to compete at Capcom Cup - Capcom's official UMvC3 poll results and invite list
alright, name on the tip list other note...NO ZERO PLAYERS?!?!

Updated: Red Focus and Ultra Combo Double being added in USF4 - ComboFiend shows both systems in action, unblockables removed, confirms location tests
Alright lets go home, games broken.

Justin Wong chimes in on who he'd like to see at the UMvC3 Capcom Cup tournament
Its hard to make this list since we do not have a starting point beside placing at majors, even then some of these people came in late into the game, and one has not even won a major

Is Pandora a strong enough tool in Street Fighter X Tekken currently?
it should be HIGH RISK and HIGH REWARD, but its still missing something. Its suppose to like 60% risk 40% comeback mechanic. Its like a rare used x-factor to finish off a character now a days.

Filipino Champ reveals invite wishlist for Capcom Cup Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 tournament
Neo, Nemo and to an extent, Pr_Rog one of them should be replaced with Angelic