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And so it begins... SonicFox is already bodying and frustrating opponents online with Deadshot's excellent zoning in Injustice 2
Please don't compare the zoning of street fighter to Injustice. Fireballs aren't so forgiving in street fighter, because the recover time. Sagat and guile are the main ones that have fast recovery, but even they can't abuse it that bad. The game is still fresh, don't think he should be nerfed or anything, but hopefully it isn't as bad as it look to get around that

New costume accessories and outfits revealed for Tekken 7
That's the sad truth. I think 2D fighters attract more, cause it's easier to get into.

Dead or Alive 5 Last Round's newest DLC costumes now available, dress as fan-favorite Guilty Gear and BlazBlue characters
For everyone complaining about adding costumes. I hope you realize since 2012 DOA5 have gotten like 8 game update with like 4 balances and 3 different game versions. Sooooo yea

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