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Filipino Champ shares his Street Fighter 5 Season 3 tier list
This is just a copy and paste of tournaments results. I find it funny people think Menat is this strong. If she was this good, wouldn’t there be more Menat players? Infiltration and Sako are the ones leading the charge but look at all the players maining Akuma, Guile, and Abigail. People said Charlie was top tier because of Infiltration. I would be happy to take on any open challenge against Manat, cause I know ...

Where are the classic Final Fight characters in Street Fighter 5? Let's take a look at any references or mentions of our favorite brawlers
Who is Carlos? I would never stop playing this game if Maki is put in

New Soul Calibur 6 gameplay footage gives us a look at two full matches
Nah, keep Viola, ZWEI, and Zasalamel.

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