Past comments by Miggle2191
With tough guy, you can negate a lot of characters jab combos. Characters with jab combos that go into a flurry of hits after the first one can be punished by grabbing on to them. Though at high percents, tough guy may not work any more. It mostly depends on what character you are fighting. For example, Meta Knight's flurry attacks wont flinch Bowser until he's at 70%, while King Dedede's flurry won't flinch Bowser ...

Side special can combo into down tilt, but it can also be teched by the opponent (Pressing the dodge button as soon as you touch the stage). As Ganondorf, if the opponent continues to tech, notice what direction they are teching and use this too your advantage. You can take advantage of this by turning around and following up with a forward tilt, following their tech with a down special, or going into a smash ...

King Dedede
By using neutral air and fast falling on to an opponent, you can combo into an up tilt at low to mid percents. At very low percents, you can get two up tilts in.