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Past comments by Metaf4
Ryu explodes a giant banana man with a Hadoken in Fortnite's new Season 6 cinematic trailer
This is the equivalent to having a Kim Kardashian skin for Laura and having the commercial posted during commercial breaks during "Keeping up with the Kardashians". that what we would want?! Is that the intended audience we're trying to bring into the FGC?!? Are we THAT desperate for representation that we wouldn't mind some Kardashian clout to bring to SFV?! This is what it feels like when I see this's a sad thing ...

Nash's dream of a 3-frame normal has seemingly come at a great cost in Street Fighter 5 so was it all worth it?
Seriously.... All Nash players under Diamond need to lab more. Everything you WANT to do with standing short kick now can be done with crouching JAB. However you now have a standing short kick to blow up all the characters that loved to abuse the fact he didn't have a 3 frame wakeup from before. This comes off as a gripe for people that want to keep doing the same tactics they've been doing without ...

Updated Topanga tier list for Street Fighter 5's fifth season released; Ryu mid tier, Akuma below Zangief, Alex still abysmal
This entire list is nonsense...period. They just tossing characters in an order based on their online circle of experiences and anything that they haven't experienced yet is then translated to.. "Nobody uses them, I never face they must be trash" Good thought process....They better keep dat energy. Remember when they thought Laura was trash until they ran into Idom? Hope they paying attention to Punk these days too. LoL!!! Can't wait till offline Tournaments ...

Here's how Rose's ability to buff herself and de-buff her opponent in Street Fighter 5 Season 5 might work
Good luck trying to sit there and build V-Meter while half the roster can zip over to the other end of the screen in less than 3 seconds.. Even dizzy characters can shake out of stun before she builds one bar at the speed shown in that demo.

Should Dan keep his infinite combo in Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition?
No need to talk.....This video says enough. Please noobs....Stop stressing about Dan.... Dan is the least of your problems.

Japanese Street Fighter 5 players have seemingly already mastered Dan's 'Saikyo Ultimate Style' infinite in the training room
First of all....this combo ain't there's that. Second...there's a reason why people always use Akuma to do Combo videos.. Third, Unless Dan is a Top Tier character WITHOUT this combo....this combo isn't going to tip any scales with pro/casual players. Consider him the Menat of the Shotos. Overly complicated to the casual player, yet on the highest of skill...can be potentially dangerous. This is fine.

Nemo releases Street Fighter 5 Season 5 V-Shift tier list
Dan's not on the list..... This Tier List is False. LoL!

Potential infinite combo for Dan in Street Fighter 5 discovered seemingly instantly by Desk
Looks like Capcom was waiting for Desk to do what he always does.......fix their combos.

Phenom releases new Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition tier list
Can anyone explain why people (As in everyone who makes Tier Lists) thinks that Alex is basically the worst in the game? Like actually EXPLAIN...don't just "proclaim" with a "nobody uses him" nonsense. So 0 good matchups?! NONE?! That bad huh? All I keep hearing is.. - He's Trash! (ooooookaaay?!) - He has nothing to work with (As in offensive/defensive options?!) Is it comeback factor? He has less "just do it" moves? No extensive combos? ...

Here's why throwing your opponent could start a real life fight back in the arcade days of Street Fighter 2
The best rule back in the days.. If you win by a owed them a quarter. (or 50 cents...whatever it costed to play) If you didn't have a quarter? had to give them your game. LoL! If you didn't want to give them your game? better have a cigarette to pawn or get yo dukes up the second you stepped out the Arcade. Mind you....this only applied to the older guys...the younger guys ...