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Who is stronger Ryu or Ken? Street Fighter 2 producer puts the age-old debate to rest
As long as lag continues to be a thing in this game and Ken's EX DP on wakeup maintains it's invincibility....?! Ken will ALWAYS be stronger. ;) Jokes aside...I've thought about this in the pass when my friends and I was having a debate as to why Ken feels more broken than Ryu even though they have ROUGHLY the same moves/normals. (Just looking at them that is...obviously they're not once you start using them) Back ...

Alex Myers tries to be just like iDom and perform a difficult Poison set up but it doesn't quite go as planned...
This is why Poison will never be considered top 5 in the game.. Because only like FIVE people can actually do her mixup/combos in an actual game! LoL! I'm beginning to see why certain Pro's always change mains after every patch instead of hitting the lab.

This Akuma taunt bait in Ultra Street Fighter 4 is the nastiest thing you'll see all day... and it works on a TON of people
Lesson to be learned.....? Stop mashing on wakeup and actually look at what your opponent is doing DURING your wakeup.

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