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Updated: Capcom X FingerCramp's Street Fighter X Tekken results and stream archive
wow I'm shocked. the 1st few comment are POSITIVE

Updated: Skullgirls Valentine walkthrough part 1-3, Mike Z vs Render match and live from The Comboratory
Ah it doesn;t matter SG is gonna sell 1% of what ever SFxT sells

Inside Gaming's Street Fighter X Tekken extended coverage, lots of match footage featuring lots of different characters
Why don't you people just ignore the negative comments?

IGN & GameSpot: Skullgirls release date end of March for both Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3
Enjoy you SIX characters. This is MvC2 with better mechanics

Akuma, M. Bison, Jin and Ogre confirmed for Street Fighter X Tekken, move sets included
lol at folks thinking that Cody % guy are dlc. Yall gonna fell real stupid. REALLL SOOON

Maximilian's The Online Warrior, Soul Calibur 5 Ep. 2: 'Royal Yin-Yang' and Let's Play through Story Mode
That's cool it shows the generqal arae of your opponent.I like that

Hilde Soul Calibur 5 Moves, Combos, Strategy Guide
@3 Hope your being sarcastic beause hilde got banned from a lot of tournaments because she was broken

Daigo Umehara plays through Street Fighter X Tekken tutorial mode
Haha shout outs to mgs4

Daigo Umehara plays through Street Fighter X Tekken tutorial mode
It's in the genetics. Asian people don't age fast, same as black people. Daigo says he is 30 but he looks like he is 25. Compare these 3 actors Tom Cruise 40's, Jackie Chan 50's and Denzel Washington 40's. Tom Cruise is the youngest but he looks a lot older than the other two. Poor white people

San Francisco Fight Club's Street Fighter X Tekken stream
Worst stream of the year by far. It was down for two hours straight and I just fell asleep. So I'm not sure if it came back on