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Which characters do EventHubs readers want to see in season two of Street Fighter 5? See our poll results right here
Elena, Sagat, Rolento , Hugo Sakura and Poison

One light punch is all it takes - ChrisG lands a powerful 36-hit Guile loop off of a crouching jab at Wednesday Night Fights
How much meter does this build sheesh lol

Capcom created fake character art for Zen due to buzz on the internet, female version of Blanka
Lol, good sense of humor. Now I'm waiting on the people who will say what a waste of time. The could of fixed the graphics on hair?

Mad Catz V Cup Street Fighter 5 results ft. PR Balrog, Mike Ross, Justin Wong, Ricki Ortiz
It is unfamiliarity. Poke to dash in extremely unsafe. Don't rely on that when everyone gets better at the game.

Combofiend discusses the three requirements future Street Fighter 5 characters will have to meet to make it into the game
Elena the only character from Africa and knows Capoeria

Someone made videos of Street Fighter 5 characters performing dance numbers; Laura shakes it to Britney Spears, Ken and Ryu explore their bromance
Lmfao the jiggle physics are real and they fixed the hair clipping.

Street Fighter 5 roundup: Zangief LP SPD range comparison, audio glitch makes Ryu pant like a dog, Dhalsim combos, and more
Dont go by that Laura highlight. Everything he was doing is very unsafe People are just not use to her moves.

Justin Wong and Filipino Champ both have Chun-Li in their top 5 for best in Street Fighter 5, check out their lists here
Those fire ball set ups won't work if the quick rise. Laura needs to pin down the opponent in the corner and than she can do fireball set up. That over head is extremely slow. She needs more buttons with frame advantage.

Feminine Dhalsim, electric Storm and Delta Red Cammy; Panterona's cosplays delve into the bold, exotic and sexy
Cammy got a phat butt. Yuss better than the original

R. Mika V-Trigger is terrifying... and so is her Crush Counter... and her normals...
Capcom gonna nerf that combo because we can't have combos in this game