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'I don't like that everyone is teabagging now...' - NuckleDu on his favorite and least favorite aspects of the current FGC
Lol I mean he would taunt in sfiv too. Any time he'd stun you he puts on the shades lol

Changes I'd like to see in Season 2 Street Fighter 5 if there's another balance patch before the CPT
If Makoto makes it in this game I feel sorry for you. Forward dash will be too much to handle it was way scarier than anybody in the game. Cr lk into dash punch then the mix up. The grab that doesn't knock down but does massive stun, or the karakusa reset into more damage. Or the fact that you can't jump in on her or you're gonna eat massive damage and the reset there ...

'Expect Street Fighter 5 info drops from us roughly every other month' - Capcom promises to communicate with fans at least six times in 2017
Lol we're either gonna boycott sfv or were gonna gradually accept it. just like with the 5$ costumes when they used to release a whole pack for that much with an outfit for all characters not just a few. and not recycling that darn white fur

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