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Mike Ross announces his departure from Twitch
I think he wants to play competitively again and it's killing him on the inside that he can't enter tournaments.A "the money was good but he's not happy because he can't do what he wants" type of ordeal.

Six back-to-back throws on Gachikun, nonstop hop kicks on Sako, and more: When Daigo wants to, he can REALLY 'disrespect' his opponents
It's all in the meta. Ay that level you don't expect scrub techniques like that from the best sf player of all time. He knew he could get away with it because it's unexpected. Nobody in the world can see daigo going for 3 consecutive heavy dps that aren't fadcable. Nobody sees it coming from momochi either. Wake-up low forward? In high level tournament? It's crazy lol but it is the most hype stuff ever

Woah! Someone completely redesigned Street Fighter 5's in-game shop, and it looks amazing
They dropped the game early for the tournament season. Quality outside of gameplay took a dive. The game will not look the same in a few years. Just be patient folks. Remember vanilla Sfiv? Remember how much of an overhaul super was? yea. Expect the same here lol

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