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'I wish this was the last year of the game' - We asked MenaRD about Street Fighter 6 and handling the pressures of a Capcom Cup champ
Interesting, a great former champion , always trying to improve. By the way ¿why a lot of people hate him? I. vee seen a lot of hateful comments about him on chats.

Swedish characters in fighting games... They may be more common than you realize
From the game Kazumi ninja : Angus MacGregor: The blacksmith brawler of his Loch Katrine village in Scotland, as was his father, and his father's father before him. One of his death moves was voted #1 in the "GamesMaster Gore Special - Top 10 Death Moves", where he rapidly punches his opponent's head, decapitates him with a kick, and headbutts their head offscreen when it's airborne.[14] Angus is most noted for the special move in ...

Why was Rival Schools an especially important title in Capcom fighting game history and what made people fall in love with it?
Even on its time it wasnt state of the art, was just a try from CAPCOM to offer a pseudo 3D game,it looked old even at its debut. Just nostalgia, a forgetable game.

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