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Past comments by Mario3d
Rumor: Guilty Gear Strive's Season Pass data mined, first 5 DLC characters possibly revealed
Jam hit by swords in your arms. Give her a weapon. Happy for That Man, is he so powerful? Curious about Gold Dick.

When's Oro? Capcom begins teasing the powerful hermit's arrival in Street Fighter 5 but what does that mean for his release date?
Ohhhh tnks Eventhubs, Im Mario AKA the "Seth is the Last Guy" and now Im just asking for Oro?!?. The world is crazy no?! Lol. This banner makes me happy.

Here is the Guilty Gear Strive opening movie and launch trailer
That Man and the fat guy Will be playable?

CEO 2021 10-game lineup revealed with new trailer welcoming the FGC back into the ring, registration now open
Whens Oro?

At least one of Guilty Gear Strive's five scheduled DLC characters will be brand new according to Director Daisuke Ishiwatari
I hope for Jhonny and Dizzy. Baiken its very probably since she is in SS as dlc guest char. Dizzy needs a redesign, her hair on Rev is ugly.

Will Oro release in Street Fighter 5 here in June? Capcom asks if fans are ready for the Third Strike hermit
Oro in june? Hi my name is Mr. Obvious.

iDom and JustAKid release tier list for Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition's new patch with help from Twitch chat
Honda Alex and Mika better than Ryu? Nahhh

Blue Mary announced for The King of Fighters 15
Tnk God. She is in base roster.

Daigo released from hospital, still on the road to recovery from COVID-19
Good banner, to a farewell, tsc tsc

Talented artist draws gorgeous Guilty Gear Strive versions of all 15 starting roster members