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Past comments by Mach1545
Desk tackles EVO moment #37, Daigo parry, one handed
I quit! lol

Cross Counter Live pilot episode HD uploads
Daft Punk?! :O

Remy Street Fighter 3 Third Strike Strategy Guide and Moves
Remy Buxaplenty

Dudley's Frame Data Street Fighter 3 Third Strike
1 frame startup super? :O... :D

Street Fighter 3 Third Strike Online Edition theme remixes
"Knock You Out" was... ew.

GamesCom Street Fighter X Tekken trailer, new characters
I wasn't going to buy this. But now I see Hugo.

Development has started on version 2012 of Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition
You're not the only one. ^^

34 sketches of new alternative Super Street Fighter 4 outfits
Fuerte's is just... negative! I kind of like Hakan's, though.

Gen Ultra Street Fighter 4 Moves, Combos, Strategy Guide
@SF4junkie Thanks for the tip, sounds pretty useful.

Updated: Yang, Yun in Super Street Fighter 4 arcade, list of changes
I don't play as Seth except for training mode combos, and I've only played a couple online, and from this little experience all I can say about the j. HP thing is that I don't really see a reason to remove it. His zoning looks like it's pretty good, and I'm not sure if j. HP will be a massive game changer, but it sure feels like it is a very important normal. But again, ...