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Ono: Huge focus was put on Street Fighter X Tekken's online system
@3 people get mad and say its hard because you actually have to go to training mode to learn how to do all of the best things in that game. And cause you can't throw 10000000 projectiles and be 1337.

Sven wishes Tatsunoko vs. Capcom 'caught a little more fire'
If it wasn't on the WII it would have done well. nobody plays fighters on the Wii.

Street Fighter 3 Third Strike on sale for PlayStation Network users
@7 People have been over this a million times. If they rebalanced it people would have b****ed that It was rebalanced and therefore NOT 3s. And they are kind of right. Would a rebalance be interesting? yes. Is it a good idea? no. Honestly you should still buy it. Its a great game with great characters. I doubt you're a super high level hardcore player anyway, so the games balance wont even matter.

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