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Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition
Ultra Street Fighter 4
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'I had to break from the FGC because I don’t recognize it anymore' - Mike Ross breaks silence on why he left Twitch and the fighting game community
I've not really played SF5 since the start of season 2. I do think that he did a lot for the game as you could tell he was a true fan of the franchise. Pro Talk was great and a good way to learn about the game. A lot of the players do seem like it's just the money, don't care about the game and so on... perhaps Nuckle Du is one of the earliest ...

Nemo's V-Trigger 2 set ups with Urien get him out of the corner, beat Akuma's EX DP, and are just as stylish as you would expect
it's not that great, very unsafe to use. can be crush countered or simply thrown out of it. you can get a quick confirm for very little damage. seems mainly for use in a reset which characters could just EX DP out of. If you get that full charge though from a hard knockdown - that's great and you can juggle to hell in the corner but it's highly situational. Does not justify all the ...

Why is Street Fighter 5 so stressful?
These episodes are pretty much always the same lol Everyone is getting bored of sf5 which is showing now. Kolin and Ed are not great and im not even bothered to try them out. There is just not enough going on in sf5 now. Marvel and possibly Injustice 2 may drown it now.

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