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SonicFox is playing Dragon Ball FighterZ; *SPOILERS* he's already looking amazing
Yeah SFV is extremely competitive, compared to NRS games which have a shallower talent pool and that he's already familiar with. I'm sure he'd do both if he could but his performance would lag since he likes to play almost every fighting game just for fun anyways.

The controversy of BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle's DLC announcement - Why is doubling the roster post-launch being seen as a bad thing?
If half of the roster of a fighting game is not included in the game, at that point it's not DLC as much as it is DLG "downloadable game."

Android 21 joins Dragon Ball FighterZ as a playable character
Yeah I can't disagree with you that they won't be added, there are lots of other characters, but I think they did enough in the show to have full movelists. And the fact they have non-standard bodies would go a long way to differentiating them among the rest of the cast.

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