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NeoGAF in turmoil following sexual misconduct allegations against owner
What's more ironic is the role his respect for women is playing in his troubles. If he had been a little less respectful, and actually expressed his interest for her in any way, he never would have found himself in the Friendzone Hotel in the first place. He was so timid that both of them had to be drunk before he could muster up the nerve. And the result is a boneheaded, tactless, creepy attempt ...

NeoGAF in turmoil following sexual misconduct allegations against owner
The irony is sweet. Very ardent SJW-tier liberals tend to get exposed for this kind of stuff. A high profile example in Canada was Jian Ghomeshi, a respected media personality. Publicly he was toeing the feminist line, then it comes out that he likes beating his dates. Huh. This neogaf guy, I think he looks like someone I wouldn't get along with, but what's his crime here? Indecent exposure? The woman says nothing about physical ...

The criticism, toxicity, and physical threats ZeRo faces as one of Super Smash Bros.'s best is taking its toll on him
Only 10 death threats? That's child's play. That must be what Anita Sarkeesian gets in an hour. Dumb jokes aside it's messed up that he was afraid enough to need bodyguards. It's unacceptable.

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