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Past comments by Korosuuu
Score alternative cover art for Street Fighter X Tekken on the Vita... in Japan
Is there really a audience for this game ? The community for the console-version is pretty small... Nobody has a vita... etc. Its probably worth it, because ports are pretty cheap, but still, dont konw... Edit: ... And btw imo capcoms cover-arts all pretty much suck... But the first one with all the characters in it is pretty okay, i guess...

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 - Welcome the World Tekken Federation
why is tekken so hollywood these days ?

Capcom blames fighting game market saturation for Street Fighter X Tekken's sluggish sales
oooooooor.... the game just didnt meet the expectations... just sayin..

Online ranked Gouken Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition v2012 bouts from Mago
#1 It absolutly isn't.

Yoshinori Ono taking temporary break from job - dev team working on Street Fighter X Tekken patches
#8 Made my day. Not funny tho ! :3

2nd Topanga Charity Cup tournament announced, current team listings, Daigo using Ryu
"The last Topanga Charity Cup raised over 760,000 yen (over $9,000 USD) for Japan's Red Cross in an effort to help the tsunami/quake victims." OMG ! ITS OVER NINE-THOUSAND !

Super Street Fighter 4: C. Viper rushdown, Oni stun combo, 8 second kill & more
Ode to Skill.... really ? ... just a bunch of viper resets & standard bnbs... And why would you do a video about fighting guys online ? Most of them were probably just afk. XD

Street Fighter 3 Third Strike on sale for PlayStation Network users
@2 ...even worse !

Poison Street Fighter X Tekken Moves, Combos, Strategy Guide
She(!) is going to be my main character ! As long as she isn't ultra low tier I'm going to make it work ! ~~~ still so long till release ~~~

Ono shows a Ling Xiaoyu teaser image from Street Fighter X Tekken
.... thinking about canceling my pre-order because of SOPA !