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Past comments by Korosuuu
Luffy vs. Kindevu - Stunfest XIII Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition v2012 grand finals set
how can kindevu lose to THAT ? he clearly isnt what he used to be...

Gigantic list of changes for Dead or Alive 5 v1.03 - Default health reduced for all fighters, improved net code and more
wow, huuuuuge update, dont play the game, but this is still good news for the community. : )

Justin Wong: If I played Akuma or Cammy, I don’t think I’d play them to their potential, because I find them extremely boring to play
@ 51... that were just some of the shortcomings of Rufus, the list goes on... horrible backdash, some pretty bad matchups (Zangief, Sagat, Seth...), EX Messiah goes over some characters on hit, etc.

Justin Wong: If I played Akuma or Cammy, I don’t think I’d play them to their potential, because I find them extremely boring to play
believe it or not Rufus isn't all that great. and he certainly has not all the tools he needs... most of u ppl crying out loud about how Rufus is actually a awesome character are just not that familiar with him i guess... he lacks a tone of stuff... 3-frame-move, footsies in general, long-reaching stuff which doesnt need like 20+ frames to come out... just to name a few..

PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale makes top 10 best sellers for December for both PlayStation 3 and PS Vita
well, thats good to hear... hopefully not everyone is disappointed by the game, like i am... i didnt want to play this game competetivly to begin with.. and when you are only looking for fun smash is the much better game imo. The "dont fall" mechanic in smash is just much more exciting and makes for more awesome matches and comebacks as the "dont get killed by supers" mechanic in allstars... Just that one difference ...

Extremely difficult Balrog combo, Wolfkrone's throw invincible Ex Seismo, JaycetheAce's C. Viper tutorial and more
wtf... the rog combo isnt THAT hard... pls... like #3 said most of it is plinkable... there are harder combos in this game... just sayin..

Jr Rodriguez and Gootecks' Street Fighter 3 Third Strike first to 10 battle from Bar Fights
who the f*** is the guy with the camera ? "HOOOOOOO" all day long... pls, either record the match or "hooooo" all day long. dont do both.

Justin Wong talks the possibility of dropping Rufus and switching to Adon, lists top 5 characters in Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition v2012
@ 8 ... well, thats just not true... Sako does not how to play Cammy ? - Is that what you are trying to say ? There definitly are characters which arent that easy to learn/master ( Ibuki, Viper, Akuma, Makoto, Sakura, Juri etc. ) but Cammy is definitly one of the easiest characters to pick up imo. Cammy is pretty straight-forward and she isnt execution-heavy... You should have good reactions to maximize her potential, ...

Updated: Recap of our first monthly EventHubs chat session - covers some important questions, future of the site and much more
For u it was the chat session that changed ur life... but for me it was tuesday.

Ryan Hart suspended indefinitely by Western Wolves
Ryan Hart Cryan Hard ?