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Past comments by Korosuuu
New 'Best of' montage series starts off by featuring Littlegirl1994 showing creative mixups and combos with Yun, Seth, Ken, Yang, Gouken and more

Preliminary tier listings for Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition v2012 from EventHubs readers - over 29,000 votes cast
Sorry, but this "tier-list" is absurd atm. Cammy on #2... i dont agree at all. She is strong, but not THAT strong. Yun on #8 is totally absurd imo. He got nerfed SO bad. Not even close to high tier right now. Guile on #12 is to high too, imo.

Online play bodies the best of us: PR Balrog faces the wrath of a wild Cody player in SSF4 AE v2012
those U2 Reads... sick ! Boxerboy is up and coming. Better prepare a better gameplan for him at evo, PR. nah, just kidding. But why exactly is this news-worthy on eventhubs ? XD S**t like that happens every day... and even the best of the best lose to bulls**t sometimes.

Poll: Which 3 Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition v2012 characters do you hate the most?
Blanka and El Fuerte are about right... There is no reason not to hate them. But seriously, T.Hawk needs to place a lot higher. I mean common... u gotta hate T.Hawk... everyone does.

'The secret to my success? Limitless talent' - Yun combos and setups that may leave you wondering why he isn't being nerfed harder
.... not gonna hate, but.... he knows like 5 different lp.shoulder crossup/front hitting setups ? and that makes yun a viable character choice in high level gameplay ? I dont think so... ^^ But sure... obviously yun needs to be nerfed harder ! XD At this point I dont see yun being better then buttom-mid-tier in USF4. Kazounoko will make it work tho.

Coming in for a landing: Ryu Apprentice explains how landing frame data works in Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition v2012
nobody said it is not good to have in video form... much appreciated. but it still is old tech... and ryu apprentice even admits that in the video... so... dont be to salty guys.

Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition v2012 Poongko highlight reel, Cammy tech from Popi, Yang and Ken tutorials and multi-character combo video
so..... cammy has an unblockable when u hit an lvl 3 focus in the corner........ ? Thats pretty much meaningless... It will pretty much only occur when cammy dizzies her opponent in the corner.. and most of the time doing a standard cammy combo will finish the deal of, so u dont have to do this setup... dizzie, corner, reset necessary ... those variables need to occur and only then that setup has meaning... its ...

Street Fighter 4 update balance change requests from Japan, part 8 - Rufus, C. Viper, Abel and Dan
If those changes would go thru ( the rufus ones )... he is practicly low tier and has NOTHING anymore... Fix Ex-Messiah Kick and keep Viper about the same and its good to go... Really, Rufus and Viper are pretty good balanced imo. They are definitly top10, almost top5... and thats the balance-range every character should be "buffed" to, imo. If u really want to change those two characters, then buff them very very slightly ...

Sakura's SF4 alternate, dancer Morrigan, school girl Lilith, Juri's SSF4 alternate and more - Street Fighter X Tekken PC mods
why do we always need a news-tab for stupid fanmade alternates & mods ? Do ppl really care ?

ChrisG, Xian, Laugh, Wolfkrone, LPN, Sabre, SherryJenix and more - SSF4 AE v2012 off-screen pool play from NCR 2013
@1 & @10 I wouldnt say viper is the toughest character execution-wise... u can be pretty decent with viper even if u dont have the BEST execution. There are other characters in this game, which are not as gifted as her and need more execution-skills in order for them to be able to win at high level. Ibuki & Chun for example... With Viper u can get away with less hard stuff... Chun just isnt ...