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Past comments by Korosuuu
Transparent artwork for every costume in Street Fighter 5
The word you are looking for is "render"...

The most impressive moment of Street Fighter 5 at EVO 2017 that most people probably didn't notice
just tried it, works on standing too. needs to be very precise on spacing tho

The most impressive moment of Street Fighter 5 at EVO 2017 that most people probably didn't notice
not to sure about sfv, but dhalsim falls slower in sfiv. maybe try testing with the same character next time...

Street Fighter 5's M. Bison scores crazy damage - This 70% combo will leave your opponents stunned
Why wouldnt that be possible ? Combos are EXTREMELY easy in this game. 3Meter + Jumpin while in V-Trigger.... Definitly possible.

Poongko's El Fuerte drops Tokido's Akuma by landing just three hits; watch Sabin, Strider, Jayce the Ace and more in these YogaFlame replays
well... 3 hits... he dropped the combo... just sayin...

Remembering the highs and the lows, 'Live for More' is a motivational montage of some of the fighting game community's most precious moments
wow... thats so cheesy would have been much much better with just the music and the montage. the speech killed it imo.

Cross up MPs mid-combo, dash under tricks, and more: Check out the most creative and difficult Juri Ultra 2 combos that we've seen in ages
well, its not a different U2-Setup when u just do other combos before doing the same thing into U2.... Its like uploading a video of 100 different ways for ryu to combo into Shoryuken and then into U1.... just sayin... still good works. <3 So doing less then 6min, but more fundamentally different Setups, would result in a better video overall, imo. :3

Excellent mix ups, smothering pressure, and stellar Genei-Jin set ups - Check out what hsien88's 30,000 BP Yun can do in SSF4 AE v2012
pikachuakuma mashing that teleport like a fag... pls... step it up...

Ultra Street Fighter 4 combo videos which show potential setups - Guile, Ryu, Ken, Dudley and more
"and ultras cannot be linked on pad unless in corner" cant be linked on pad ? well i dont know much about deejay... but... why wouldnt it be possible on pad if it is on stick ? If you dont play your character to his/her full potential, you are the one to blame, not the character.

A duel between gentlemen - Smug's Dudley faces off against chuvylicious' Rufus in this high-level first-to10 set, Super Street Fighter 4: AE v2012
Exactly what I thought !