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Perform QCF -> SA+H for Hellzone Grenade. QCF -> L+M will always give you special beam cannon

'Getting into top 8 at EVO isn't simply based on how good you are' - Ryan Hart discusses the many factors that can make or break tournament play
But can't the reverse be said of Xian losing 10-5 to hart? Did he sleep well, was he feeling okay, did Ryan just catch him in an off day. Evo is the SuperBowl, Xian was on that tournament and won. He is the #1 player until next year, unless he wins again. All these Gamescon, Pax and everything else is the preseason, it doesn't matter. Hart beat Xian 10-5 in a preseason match, now if ...

Razer doesn't make controllers for the PS3 because its CEO rarely spends time with the system
Even if they did why would anybody want to buy overly-expensive cheaply made Joysticks when Madcatz/Hori/third party companies make products that are far superior?

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