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Project M's Turbo Tuesdays comes to an end with this marvelous multi-character CMV - Dry Bones Bowser, Melee Fox and more alt. costumes shown
The alts look amazing but the gameplay is too insane

Link smashes Samus into the ground, Villager images come in sets of tree, the Mario bros. stare down, and more - new SSB Wii U screens
Villager and a green shovel? Never seen that in his game. Should have had the golden tools instead

Mario, Bowser, Pikachu, and Pit are plane to win, Fox develops a Peach impediment, and more - Super Smash Bros. Wii U /3DS screenshots
People were going crazy on miiverse over wii fit trainer saying shes sexy and her ass looks nice lol. They didnt even get the comments erased

Women prefer Kirby, men like Mario: Japanese gamers reveal their favorite Super Smash Bros. characters
Kirby is my #1 character in smash bros. I remember reading nintendo power when they had images of the n64 version. Man was i hyped to use kirby even though to me mario has way better games

Super Smash Bros. Wii U could be featured at MLG next year, Nintendo interested
I want this game so bad.

Soul Calibur 2 HD Online could see a Wii U port with enough demand, future content also a possibility - new screenshots
I dont know how they dont think it wont sell in the first place because its a game thats not expensive, has online multiplayer, its a fighter with high replay value, a very good game and has Link. Everyone on miiverse would be talking about how cool it is to use Link and word of mouth would sell

Princess Peach unveiled for Super Smash Bros. Wii U and 3DS
Im surprised on how great she looks on 3ds

Sony announces PlayStation Vita TV - new hardware allowing Vita games to be played on television
If powerstone on psp had online this would be cool

Wii Fit trainer performs a header, Luigi tosses metal blade at Mega Man in latest Super Smash Bros. screen shots
The back off the box of brawl says its a fighting game... Whatever you wanna call it its crazy fun. I wanna start hearing some music though and maybe some alternate colors.

Keiji Inafune worked on original Street Fighter game from the start of his time at Capcom, designed Adon
Its nice to know that he designed adon. I dont mind articles like this at all