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Past comments by KidShoryuken967
'Know your value, learn to tell a story, promote yourself' - Gllty has landed a prime time sponsorship and explains how you can do the same
just be an attractive female with basic game knowledge and that's it, what is there to explain? thats not a hateful comment but just facts.It would make sense to hire based on those criteria because you can gain a lot of attention by just having those two qualities.

RedRapper's "Ranbat" movie trailer and DiveKick hype compilation from UFGT8
omg dive kick is epic but i wish we had seen more gameplay though,btw the music was epic

Unlockable Colors and Taunts in Super Street Fighter 4
how to unluck 11th colour and what does console machine mean

E. Honda: Top Match Videos for Street Fighter 4
mike ross is good but once u play him alot u could easily deaf him just like any other person like diago

Street Fighter X Tekken announcements at TGS, more changes for Super Street Fighter 4 AE v2012?
I hope that means more characters like spongebob

Footage from Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition v2012 location test
evil ryu needs a longer teleport like akumas and dont know why people use akumas u1 when u2 is easier and can be cancelled from his teleport which make even more better

Morrigan Mission Mode walkthrough for Marvel vs. Capcom 3
shes hot

SSFIV AE: Project Dolphin music video by Desk and Error1
loving the yun moment lol

SSFIV AE: Project Dolphin music video by Desk and Error1
awesome combos by ryu and like everyone else

Blanka Ultra Street Fighter 4 Moves, Combos, Strategy Guide
yea because using blanka is sometimes tricky to use