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Past comments by Katuro
SSB4 with characters: [u'Greninja', u'King Dedede']
This matchup heavily favors Greninja because DDD's slow start up on all of his moves forces him to play defensively. Being the usual aggressive fake out type forces DDD to back off mid and play defensively. Since defending is very easy for DDD to do, but the water shuriken removes you having to risk making any unnecessary risky approaches as poking DDD can be a huge weakness for him. Once DDD is forced to approach ...

SSB4: Greninja - Running attack
Not sure if it's a true combo or not, but if the kick connects at you can follow up with a Fair or for a mixup at low% give it an upsmash.

SSB4: Cloud - Neutral air attack
Neutral air is pretty safe, it's good for juggling and can even follow up into finishers e.g. Nair --> Side B

SSB4: Greninja - Down Smash Attack
Recent patches have buffed this move with better knock back making it a more viable move along with what bubbulious says.

SSB4: Greninja - Shadow Sneak
This move shines with edge guarding. And works in some common scenarios. -If your opponent is standing on the edge, use this opportunity to shadow sneak behind them and take a turn knocking them away from the stage. -If your opponent tries to jump after you for an intercept, it's easy to bait and punish this way. -If your opponent is recovering back to the stage you can challenge them with this move with the ...

SSB4: Greninja - Hydro Pump
An interesting side effect about this move is unlike Mario's FLUDD. More often than not an opponent hit by the push box coming back to the stage will likely be set up high into the air, along with slowed air momentum, it allows for an easy punish.