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Which characters appeared the most in top 8s throughout this year's Capcom Pro Tour? Which two characters never made it at all? Let's look at the data
Well that puts things into perspective big time. You usually hear it in opinions of which character is used and by whom with many ready to say it is only one or two characters but this shows a different story. Did not even know Karin had this many players using her in Top 8, only ever thought it was prominently Punk, Bonchan and Mago. Good job. Hopefully this allows for some more fact based arguments ...

Mighty Keef details what would happen if a Super Smash Bros. Ultimate crew battle happened between YouTubers and Commentators
Mighty Keef always bringing those laughs. Loved seeing this.

Daigo: Ryu is not playable against top tiers, his concept is fundamentally denied in Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition
And now we wait.

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