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Ultra Street Fighter 4
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Air: Evil Ryu's cr.MK into Fireball is the very reason why Guile, Vega, and Dhalsim are bad match-ups, Ryu a 'harder match-up'
Air specifically mentions this in the blog. In fact, that's what the whole argument revolves around.

Updated again: UltraDavid, Alex Myers, and Alioune's Ultra Street Fighter 4 tier lists; Filipino Champ's Dhalsim match-up chart
I'm not a fan of the list. I don't particularly see Ryu being better than either Oni or Ken. Dudley is really, really low despite the fact that it's known he's become very powerful. Yang is pretty high, yet his main problem of low damage output is still an issue. Poison needs to be much lower.

Poll: Is Ultra Street Fighter 4 balanced better than SSF4 AE v2012?
So far, I say it's too soon. However, what I've seen so far is that it is much better balanced.

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