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Dragon Ball FighterZ's EVO 2018 entrant numbers currently have 'big lead' over the rest of the games, says the tournament's organizer
take your biggotry somewhere else

Under Night In-Birth Exe:Late[st] is on its way to Steam on August 20th
Can't Escape From --- Oh, wrong game

SonicSol portrays Falke getting whiff punished, El Fuerte does El Fuerte things in Street Fighter 4, and more in episode 108 of Funny and Cool Moments
Fuerte is too hype

Masahiro Sakurai talks Super Smash Bros. Ultimate's game speed, says Melee may have been geared a bit too much towards a core audience
I wish he made a melee mode. I guess we have to wait for when another person takes over the series

Fujimura defends his status as candidate for world's strongest Street Fighter 5 player as he takes on Verloren's Cammy in this high octane set
Ibuki mod is beyond God tier

BET, HipHopDX team up with Level|Up for rappers vs. gamers Tekken 7 event; featuring Baron Davis, Page Kennedy, Derek Minor, Mozzy and others
The rappers stand no chance

Leffen announces Dragon Ball FighterZ will take priority for him over Super Smash Bros. Melee for now
Ryo from devilman??? you have great taste

WWE legend Ric Flair was in the chat during Kenny Omega and Xavier Woods' epic Street Fighter 5 E3 exhibition

Summit of Power results ft. Go1, SonicFox, Dogura, ChrisG, HookGangGod
Yipes is the best commentator for DBFZ

DamagermanY results ft. Knee, Jimmy J Tran, KaneAndTrench, Harry Potter
i thought kane and trench would win at least 1 set in gfinals