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Past comments by Jme
Sony's Future of PlayStation 5 showcase live stream
This might be a weird ass take, but it kinda disappoints me that Sony just like kinda forgot they used to make dope multiplayer shooters. I understand for nearly a decade Sony has pumped out dope ass single-player, narrative driven games, I hope they continue to do so. And I recognize this is purely subjective but Sony pumped out some really good and unique multiplayer shooters like Warhawk, Socom, Killzone, Resistance, MAG etc. And it ...

Poll results: Who has the best beard in fighting games?
Damn, we forgot about Edge Master?

Arc System Works actively considering implementing rollback netcode into older titles like with GGXXACPR
BBTAG and Xrd would be nice.

What moveset would Dr. Eggman have in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate? Toxiquid has some unique ideas for the Sonic villain
Tbh I'd rather have Metal Sonic over both eggman and shadow. To make him different he could probably transform into his other Metal iterations (Silver, Mecha, Neo).

Arc System Works aims to improve character visibility, anti-airs, online connections and more in Guilty Gear Strive following beta feedback
I hard disagree. The combos is not what made games like Guilty Geat hard. Alot people said and still believe marvel 3 is vastly easier than marvel 2. And you can make a convincing argument that it is. But both Marvel 2 and 3 both have stylish long combos. And that's because capcom knew that the combos is not what makes the game harder. And that even carried over to infinite. Hitting buttons to do ...

Arc System Works aims to improve character visibility, anti-airs, online connections and more in Guilty Gear Strive following beta feedback
It may come off as shallow but the whole taking away long combos and simplifying chains/gatlings is a big reason why I'm not excited for strive. I'm all for simplifying games for a much bigger audience, but idt I can be convinced that that part of guilty gear was the confusing part idk. Without the combos and just reducing it to short encounters into a knockdown feels like Vsav at that point. Idk just my ...

Here's what the new character select screen with Dan and Eleven looks like for Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition
Eleven should work like C/Khameleon from MKT where they change every 2 seconds. At the very least change every round.

Here are 5 important characters still missing from Dragon Ball FighterZ
Damn, no love for Dabura(?),the demon king? The 2nd coolest sword wielder in the show?

Main Street Fighter bosses ranked from worst to best
Whoever can survive, deflect or straight tank akuma's raging demon is a top dog(Bison and Gill).

The mysteries surrounding Q and G likely won't be resolved in Street Fighter 6... or ever
I find it funny that G talks astronomically more than Q, yet we still get no answers of who he is or his relation to Q. I used to think that G got his powers from Gill. Much like how he gave his powers to Kolin in the form of ice, perhaps at some point he gave his fire powers to G. But that doesn't explain why he would deny it and say he got ...