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Street Fighter 5 isn't a reactionary game? Try telling that to Momochi, Tokido or Itazan after watching the top 5 moments from South East Asia Major
This guy pretty much nails it. These are all incredible plays and although some of them are reactionary, they are not very impressive from a pure split-action decision. They are much more reads based or utilize buffering OS techniques.

Tokido showcased new parry option select at Brooklyn Beatdown; beats jump back OS, wake up buttons and can be used defensively as well
It'd be nice if a video that showed an OS of how to blow up then jump back OS, actually you know, showed the person trying to do the jump back OS.

Supers were considered 'cheap' and 'dumb' by many initially during the Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo era, how perceptions changed over time
Here's a source for what people thought back in the day about ST and how supers were ruining the game: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ECMI3pv6AoE This guy was one of the top US players at the time along w/ Tomo and Mike Watson.

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