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Young Heihachi, Hisako, female Ken and more - GAAM shows fighting games some love with some incredible cosplay
i am in love with that ken!!! she looks amazing. and dudes dont trash these guys just to be jerks. they take time and money to put in the work for something they love.

Capcom Cup 2016 will have $500,000 up for grabs, new web film series in development Street Fighter: Resurrection
nobody here has any damn credentials to claim anything. stfu with the instant hatred. the guys that made assassins fist were great and this has the potential to follow suit especially if they are getting capcom funding. only thing im wondering like another comment mentioned is if this is gonna scrap Street Fighter:The World Warrior or be another series along side it.

Best of Three talks with Mike Watson about Super Arcade's continued delays, discusses FChamp's call out to KaneBlueRiver and much more
@12 you really should watch the interview before u say they didnt ask this or that. they asked him specifically about the kickstarter money and the new arcade. specifically those exact questions u said werent asked. those exact questions. its like they asked him just for you. those exact questions. like the same ones. same questions. they asked him.

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