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Past comments by Irrenmann
Unused animations for Luke in Street Fighter 5 reportedly discovered
There's a lot of interesting material sitting unused in SFV files. IIRC Alex has like 10 [!] unused win quote lines.

'I wish this was the last year of the game' - We asked MenaRD about Street Fighter 6 and handling the pressures of a Capcom Cup champ
"We have already seen most out of the game with what's there, so we're not really gonna get much more out of it." vs "I did feel prepared, but my opponents came with something new and fresh that I had to adapt to right now" The lesson I take away: there might be a bit more left to explore than it seems on the surface

We asked Punk 'Would you rather have 5 million YouTube subs or Daigo levels of competitive success in Street Fighter?'
"Considering the continuous downward popularity of SFV each year" Metrics show the exact opposite.

We'll likely be seeing Luke in Street Fighter 6 as Capcom confirms him for their next project
It'll be something new, but you can expect some version of a mechanic that is customized in effect per character rather than one used the same way for everyone, as per V-Trigger.

Luke's gameplay breakdown shows him to be a powerful in-your-face bruiser for Street Fighter 5, release date revealed
"Luke's second V-Skill is called "Suppressor" and acts as a counter to throws (including command grabs)." Now THIS I like.

Update: Street Fighter 5 Fall Update and Luke showcase stream is live
You aren't. It's just that EventHubs has a weird contingent of SFV fans with like bitter ex-girlfriend mentalities where they have to click on and comment on every SFV story just to tell everyone how they *aren't* interested in it. They will probably get the update, lose to Day 1 Lukes, and never admit to anyone they played. ;)

Poll results: Who is the hottest character in Street Fighter?
Oro: 44th Balrog: 69th That's got to hurt Balrog.

Capcom Pro Tour 2021 Brazil 2 results
Some excellent character variety in this region's picks! Love to see it!

Capcom releases new Street Fighter 5 Luke concept art that further details his various costumes
His expressions are quite distinctive. I like that. Patriotic elements are fun too. These work with the original World Warrior concept that I wouldn't want to see become too diluted. Looking forward to the character.

Poll results: Who is the hottest character in Street Fighter?
Nice to see Laura place so high and Rose cracking the top 10. Congrats to the creators on a successful design for Juri; she's definitely got a following.