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Smiling assassin? Cossack kicks? Actually a cyborg?! Capcom had some wild ideas for Kolin, and this concept art tells them all
If Gill can grant people powers, I wonder why they bothered with bringing Charlie back from the dead temporarily.

A tier list that ranks fighting games, not their characters - here's an interesting idea with some interesting results
I'd argue SFIII: Third Strike isn't balanced well enough to be ranked so highly versus other fighting games, if we're really doing that. But this illustrates that without well-defined criteria, the ranking is meaningless.

Romance explains the most fun aspect of KOF, community reception of the latest game and why YOU should be playing it in this exclusive interview
Considering trying out this game. So much backstory to familiarize myself with, though (of course much doesn't directly impact itself on this specific game, but I want to understand the series).

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