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What's the source of toxic negativity in the fighting game community and how do we overcome it?
The "source?" It's a "community" with an extremely high percentage of autists, and the autists are in competition with one another: *every match* has a LOSER. Some of the biggest "fans" of fighting games must, by the stats, lose 90% of their matches! How can you expect anything other than a bunch of toxic, marginal personalities venting?

Considering how power levels will affect playstyles in Dragon Ball FighterZ, how do each of the characters canonically rank?
This is a fighting game first. Making some characters less able to fight meaningfully will simply result in their not being chosen, a waste of development effort. Put canon concerns aside when necessary and allow them to hurt one another.

Android 21 is a central figure in the Dragon Ball FighterZ story, here are translated details for this brand new character
I am pumped about this! Got my low-tier team in place, and an attractive new female character to boot!

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