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Its best to play the the Villager as, what I like to call, "game of levels". Similar to megaman, you basically use all of your projectiles to your advantage. Essentially there are 3 levels when using the Villager. The first level is the ground level of the stage. The next level is mid-air. The 3rd level is anything that requires more than 2 short jumps. With the Villarger, it is best to stay in the ...

If your opponent has you in the air and they're ground stalking you, do a psi magnet to decrease your downward velocity so their rhythm is thrown off and/or do a PK Fire and chase them. You can either hit them with the PK fire or shield off the section of the map you are trying to fall on. They will more than likely shield which will give you time to land. Works well against ...

Little Mac
If you're a noob. You found you character. If you thought master hand was OP on this game, wait till you see this little guy in action. Weighing in at 126, this little guy can can be pretty deceiving. This is not a "how to" instructional on how to be good with little Mac. This is a how to on how to beat little Mac. If you want to be good with home, just get ...

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