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'Not all stages in Street Fighter 5 were designed for tournament play' - Capcom discusses the creative decisions behind the Kanzuki Family Beach stage
I wish you could edit the available stage "playlist" as well as have an option to overlay the training grid on every stage's floor. Remember SFIV's volcano stage was unacceptable for tournament play, so the controversy on the beach stage really isn't anything new.

Capcom's Tomoaki Ayano talks Alex, and the possibility of removing charged moves for future DLC characters
Capcom is very two minded about topics of accessibility. For starters they say charged characters are harder so they want to take them out, yet Bison is very popular because he's easy to use. I also recall Guile was originally made the way he was so stupid Americans could play the game and not have to do command moves. What really annoys me about charged characters in 5 is that they kept the same change ...

Ono: Everyone will understand the changes we made to Ken once they see Street Fighter 5's story
SFV Ken is a trans-racial Sean?

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