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Past comments by Helpme
Tekken 7 with characters: [u'King', u'Miguel']
Why are people allowed to vote on this without providing some sort of justification

Amazingly low salary offered to former Street Fighter artist
And with this comment I can safely assume you have no idea how to draw, or what it takes to make any art at all. I'm not even totally convinced you have eyes.

SSB4 with characters: [u'Greninja', u'Zero Suit Samus']
I really don't understand why so many people are thinking this is a wildly bad matchup for Greninja. Greninja SS gets out of up+B stuff from ZSS, arguably the biggest thing that makes her top tier, and ZSS is actually a character that has to respect Greninja's mixups on shield from nair/fair since her shield grab is so slow, and Greninja can do stuff easily about shield drop jab. She also doesn't really have anything ...