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Meta Knight
Extending on townsaver, if you need recovery power, here's what you need to know: Neutral B: Doesn't snap to ledge, but can get a LOT of horizontal distance, and only a little bit of height. Side B: Doesn't snap to ledge, except for when you clash with the stage (this is only useful on stages like Final Destination, Battlefield, and any similar stages). Can get height, but it's most useful when you need to recover ...

SSB4: Meta Knight - Light Attack / Quick Combo
This move can catch players off guard and deal lots of damage. It can catch rolls, landing airdoges, and can clash with a lot of moves. useful only for defense, with it's high rehit rate, and punishes.

SSB4: Meta Knight - Up Smash Attack
This move has MASSIVE hitboxes, and there are 3 hitboxes. It won't hit shorter characters on the ground (like, another meta knight), but it's lack of startup can allow you to catch your opponent by surprise.

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