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BloodBurger's Tekken Tag Tournament 2 game review and basic Jinpachi combos by FROG55JQN
I love customizing my fave characters however the downfall in Tekken 6 was I needed to play the weird beat-em-up style story to get massive amounts of gold. I wonder if Namco has changed something to getting gold to customise characters.

Console version of Tekken Tag Tournament 2 said to hit stores in September 2012 with more characters
@19 Tekken isn't made by capcom so there is no exclusive costumes.. hence the reason why namco is awesome!!! the one gripe i have is that i hope the fixed the customization from tekken 6 BR..

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Unlimited release earlier today, list of changes
i wonder if they've changed the animations for any of these moves.. any changes to frames of these moves?

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