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Fighters Underground 2017 results ft. NuckleDu, Momochi, GamerBee, Justin Wong, Phenom
Punk ran into two of the best ever and didn't bring his A game. He's not going anywhere though, still went 7-0 through polls, 9-0 at KONY, won WinterBrawl and is STILL only 18. Punk's FGC career hasn't even started yet.

Punk, Smug, Luffy, GamerBee and more - Here's who you'll be seeing in SXSW's Fighters Underground top 8 bracket tomorrow
Punk beat him 3-0 in the mirror last fall, not sure it's an upset at this point.

Mid-match pop offs, taunting, teabagging, and a photo finish: The Killer Instinct World Cup’s winners final was a tournament set masterpiece
Not even top 3 hypest set of Top 8. Wheels vs Letalis, Storm vs Thompson, Nicky vs Rico, also Storm with that ULTRA rare Perfect in competitive KI against Wheels. Top 32 prior to Top 8 was just as competitive, KIWC was honestly insane.

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