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Super Smash Bros. Melee
Super Smash Bros. 4
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The amount of changes from Second Impact into Third Strike was insane; Sabre discusses Capcom's total overhaul for Street Fighter 3
Third strike was a rushed piece of crop,i like how the article puts the spotlight in to the effort they made to add stuff to the game,but the true is they removed so much in detail it's sad.It's understandable though,since the series was a foocking flop and it's hard to justify even more money into it.Second impact is really a gem though.

Should Injustice 2's interactables be banned from tournaments? Have they been toned down enough since the original Injustice?
i love smash but i think the tournament community is retarded by banning as much as they do,luck is common element in many kinds of games,especially the reactable kind of luck people who want to ban interactables just plain succ.

Armored attacks, counters, and terrifying mix ups - here's why you should play Abigail in Street Fighter 5
haggar has a pipe,he's not just a grappler

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