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Street Fighter 5 and King of Fighters 14 both headed to arcades - KoF14 getting full arcade version, SF5 will be PC version
Doesn't the PC version have frame rate issues? Just rememering a tweet from PRBalrog that the game will drop to 30 fps randomly. Hope stuff like that gets fixed. Good to see using the PC version tho. Those ps4 loading times are so bad and PC is much faster.

DarkH18 wins a Capcom Pro Tour event with Alex; unwarranted pause during Treta 2016's grand finals causes controversy in FGC
Either they weren't watching last year as Keoma took down Haitani (and possibly other top players IDK right now) or have forgotten already. Keoma is legit.

Bouncing bombs, knife juggling and even full kunai reloads mid combo; Smash and Grab's Ibuki has all the style
Yeah we don't need Alpha 3 full V-ISM meters at the start either. :/

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