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Daigo on Ryu in Season 4 of Street Fighter 5: I know I can't help but think 'why don't I just use Guile then?'
Haha Jesus. I’d say to chill out but I think I’m about 4 years too late.

Yoshinori Ono tells the origin story of his Blanka toy that came from a burger place in the Philippines revealing he wasn't a fan of the green fighter
You know what’s crazy? The fact this question was only asked now.

Samurai Shodown's launch sales in Japan doubled that of King of Fighters 14 in its first week
I’m sure those kof 14 ps2 reveals didn’t help sales either.

Capcom has joined forces with the Japanese police to create a Street Fighter-branded campaign to recruit new cops-to-be
Haha. I'd love to know what that's based on, especially as the article clearly states this is specific to recruitment in the cyber crime division. Are you saying that it should be the Yakuza collaborating with Capcom to bring a bit of balance to the cop/criminal ratio?

Early footage of Project Battle, an all-new card game from Capcom, looks absolutely amazing
Damn. I’m impressed.

'Maybe this is how we get our points back, we both have to drive the boat' — the latest episode of Alex Myers and Vicious' Run it Back series
Underrated show. More people should be checking this out.

Tomorrow's Street Fighter panel at Anime Expo is set to have 'a lot of exciting content for casual and hardcore fans alike'
Nice artwork in the banner. Looks like Ken saw himself in the mirror for the first time since SF4.

Someone is driving around in an awesome Killer Instinct-themed car right now
Really not sure what your point is. It's a fighting game site. There's people who visit the site that don't care about SamSho, or SF, or Smash, or Tekken, or MK, etc. I scrolled through the first page of the homepage, and there's more Samurai Shodown articles than any other game, with Capcom/Street Fighter being a close second, and that is on a site that was always historically opened aimed with an emphasis on the ...

Which EVO 2019 game should take the Sunday Finals spot? Vote now in Mr. Wizard's new poll

BornFree, JeSTeR PoWeR, and Mahreen are being sponsored by r/StreetFighter for EVO 2019 trips and the community can purchase merchandise to help them
Real talk: These are the peeps that deserve ALL of our support. Whether they’re training hard to be the best they can (look at Mahreen’s reaction when she beat Dogura if you think these players are just out there to have a bit of fun), or bringing us (quite literally) the best interview content in the entire FGC. No sponsors that are paying their way and no companies are paying their bills. Be a dude ...